How and Why Professionals Use Our Resources

Professionals' Introduction to

Assisting families' transitions by prioritizing children's needs

Child Safety Zone

A vital gift you can extend to your child.

Courts' Use of UpToParents

A short statement of the advantages these resources can be to parents in divorce and paternity cases--and the ease with which they can be implemented in any jurisdiction

Co-Parenting Educators' Use of

A brief summary for how to implement in your co-parenting education program.

Stacy Prall: Attorney, Parent, and Voice for

An attorney describes what UpToParents meant in her own divorce—and can mean for others.

Particular Specialists' Use of Our Resources

3 Girls' Invisible Pain

7 Lessons from These 3 Girls

  1. Kids need and want some simple things, like courteous communication between their parents.
  2. No matter how small the topic (birthdays, holidays, pickups, etc.), parent fights leave kids badly hurt.
  3. Kids don't want one parent to win the fight; kids want one parent to stop the fight.
  4. Kids almost never care about the things we parents are fighting about; they just want the fights to stop.
  5. When parents fight, kids' real needs can become invisible.
  6. Kids experience attacks between their parents as attacks on them.
  7. Parent fights can force kids to try to resolve adult issues - and to blame themselves when they fail.

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