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Assisting families' transitions by prioritizing children's needs

Welcome to America’s premier—and totally free—online educational tool for parents raising children between two homes.  Our charity’s website has assisted over 250,000 parents in building a focus on their children's needs—and in using that focus to define and guide their future interaction.

As part of our commitment to offer the finest assistance possible to parents and the professionals working with them, we launched the newest edition of in July 2016.  Here are some of our updated features.

  • We’ve combined our two other websites ( for never-married parents and for reconciliation-minded parents) into  Whether parents are divorcing, divorced, never-married, or trying to save their marriage, they will be able to choose the version helping them from
  • Judge Michael P. Scopelitis and Dr. Kylea Asher-Smith have teamed to offer five short videos that now escort parents through this one-of-a-kind co-parenting educational opportunity.
  • As a result of suggestions from many parents, we’ve developed more guidance on strategies to consider in special cases like ones involving high conflict or domestic abuse.  

 Referrals of parents to remain easy, and we believe the benefits will be more powerful than ever. 

 Look for the following attached to this article.

  1. Sample professional endorsements.
  2. Sample parent feedback.
  3. Some advantages of
  4. Sample referral rule from courts.
  5. Sample referral notice from co-parenting educators.

Samples of completed website work are available on the Professionals page of

You have our sincere thanks for your efforts in serving the best interests of families experiencing the challenges of major transitions.  Feel free to be in touch with us with questions and suggestions.  Your collaboration continues to make our charity’s tools a uniquely effective set of resources—and your voice plays an important role in reaching more families.

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